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Why 96% of Students Recommend Grapefruit Health

The healthcare field is highly competitive, especially when pursuing a job after graduation or receiving acceptance into your dream school to become a physician, nursing practitioner, physician assistant, respiratory therapist, etc. A way for students to get a leg up on the competition is to work or volunteer, but working or volunteering part-time or full-time is not always an option for a student because they require dedicating a block of time. The ability to dedicate set hours without knowing the way a semester will unfold is stressful. Grapefruit Health hires exclusively clinical students to perform remote patient outreach on their own time. In fact, Grapefruit Health has a proven track record with its students with 96% likely to recommend working for Grapefruit Health to other students. Why would a student want to work for Grapefruit Health?

  1. Improve Communication Skills - One skill we all can continue to improve upon is our communication skills. 100% of students said their communication skills have improved since starting to work for Grapefruit Health. Grapefruit Health provides students the opportunity to hone their skills communicating on the phone and receive developmental feedback from their highly trained and experienced clinical team to create better communicating clinicians for the future. Students are raving about their improvement in communication skills - “This program has built my confidence when speaking with patients even more!”, “It has been great being able to practice communicating effectively with patients!”, “The program has helped me slow down my interactions with patients to ensure I am communicating effectively with them”.

  2. Flexibility - Clinical students don’t always know how much time they need to put into studying. This can make it difficult for students to dedicate fixed time to a job that doesn’t provide flexible hours. Grapefruit Health doesn’t have fixed hours. Students work when they can giving them the flexibility to decide when they want to work and how long they want to work. Students even quoted flexibility as one of the major perks of working for Grapefruit Health - “Being able to make calls whenever I have free time especially when I’m taking classes is very flexible”, “Flexibility”, “Flexibility to be able to work with my own schedule and from anywhere”, “The ability to be able to work on your own schedule”.

  3. Resume Builder - There are opportunities for students to get experience in healthcare but it isn’t always a good fit for the student. Grapefruit Health offers experience not only for nursing students - we hire social work, therapy, pre-med, respiratory therapy, PA, and anything in between. Our students love the ability to build their resume from the comfort of their own home.

  4. Networking/Recruitment - Grapefruit Health’s staff is highly connected with some of the largest health systems and best colleges and universities in the U.S. We have been able to connect students with mentors to help them fulfill their career goals after graduation, give references to future workplaces, and provide them connects to the jobs they are seeking. Working for Grapefruit Health makes them sought after by healthcare organizations, and we help to pair our students with the organizations they want to work for in their dream location.

  5. Earn While You Learn - The students not only get to learn at Grapefruit Health but they are paid well as well. They make between $20-40 per hour. That is almost unheard of in an entry-level position in healthcare, some nurses don’t even make that kind of money. Grapefruit Health also provides webinars on different career paths within healthcare in areas students often didn’t know even existed. As well as, flexible office hours to get advice from their clinical team.

Bonus Perks - Grapefruit Health also provides webinars on different career paths within healthcare in areas students often didn’t know even existed. As well as, flexible office hours to get advice from their clinical team. Grapefruit Health sends out swag to all of its students to welcome them to its team. The students may not be close in proximity to the Grapefruit Health team, but we want our students to feel at home working for us.

We want to lower the burden on clinicians around the U.S. by taking tasks off their hands that do not allow them to work at the top of their license. Clinical students are our lifeblood, so we want them to have the greatest experience possible to create better clinicians for the future.

Find out more about how Grapefruit Health has benefited students in their careers here.


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