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United States

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Question & Answers

“How much do you charge for your services?”

We charge between $5-10 per successful interaction. If the patient does not answer, the call drops, goes to VM, or wrong/bad number, we do not charge at all. We know this is extremely low cost, but we know that this will allow us to do a higher volume of interactions thereby making a much bigger impact.

“How do we ensure students are performing quality care?”

We review student calls to assess their skills and provide coaching in the first couple of weeks after starting. We then assess quality metrics to assess calls by students who are under performing and highly over performing compared to average student. In other words, we utilize the same controls as any other remote call center in healthcare, but with major advantages.

“Why did you choose the name Grapefruit Health?”

The Grapefruit is our fruit analogy for healthcare. It is often hard to understand, segmented, requires specialized tools to consume it, and very complex, but if you do it right it can be delicious!

“How do we recruit your students?”

All of our clients are given access to our students over curated webinars, and we also email them your job postings.

Get in Touch With the Grapefruit Health Team

We'll contact you back shortly!

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