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Benefits of working with us

The ability to recruit clinical students to fill your open roles

Make a postitive impact to your patient outcomes

Human to human interactions for highest efficacy

The ability to recruit clinical students to fill your open roles

Real People, Real Time

We strongly believe healthcare is human, and that in order to solve for health inequities we must have a human being in the loop. We enable our services with innovative technology to make us as efficient as possible, but we are only as successful as we are because of the human to human interaction.

Our Services

Diagnostic Screenings Outreach

Getting patients to come in for annual wellness checks, mammograms, colonoscopies, and also calling to deliver non-critical results

Surveys and Assessments

Able to perform Health Risk Assessments, Social Determinants of Health Surveys, Patient Satisfactions/CHAPs surveys,
and more.

Program Enrollment

Enrolling patients into programs including diabetes prevention, smoking cessation, and other population health

Post Discharge Follow Up

Calling patients after they have been discharged from the hospital to ensure they have what they need, scheduled a follow up, have their DME, and more!

Medication Adherence

Checking in with patients who have not refilled critical prescriptions to determine why and to ensure they get those. Impacts star ratings.

Behavioral Health Wellness Connections

Match students to patients who are isolated and have behavioral health issues related to that. This includes seniors and military veterans.

We Save You Money

The use of clinical staff to perform lower level tasks not only drives up an organizations costs, but it does not allow clinicians to work at the top of their license and bogs them down in work below their clinical license. This can cause an increase in burnout and turnover, which can have an even larger impact of cost for organizations. At as little as $5 per successful interaction, Grapefruit Health helps provide a simple solution to a complex cost problem.

Our Impact for clients

Reduce cost of care

Remove tasks from frontline

Improve patient care

Improve bottom line

Improve quality metrics

Improve staff experience

Improve patient experience

Reduce turnover

Supercharge Your Patient Engagement Efforts

We work side-by-side with your existing clinical programs to supercharge the overall effort and to allow your clinicians to operate at the very top of their license. Let us take care of the time-consuming, lower-acuity patient outreach while your salaried clinicians can do what they do best! This leads to better outcomes at a lower cost.

What our clients are saying after working with Grapefruit Health

“We were struggling with a high number of referrals, lack of staffing resources and could not get the volume of patients we needed to enroll into our Diabetes Prevention Program by ourselves. We heard about Grapefruit Health and were interested because of the super low cost, quality talent, and the ability to recruit students afterward. We are now achieving our goals and are on budget!”

DPP Program Manager

Sinai Urban Health Institute

Our World Class Business Partners

Next Generation of Clinicians

As an organization focused on clinical students, we offer a pipeline to your organizations future clinicians.